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You can now restart your tookapic project anytime

Ok, so you broke your streak. We get it. You’re busy, the upload didn’t work, something came up, you forgot. That’s fine.

But what if you really care about the streak and want to get it to 365 anyway. Well. You can now restart your project. Don’t worry though. All your previously uploaded photos will be safe. We’ll only reset your stats so you can build up your streak from the beginning. You can restart you project on the account settings page.

This is what shows up on your project timeline once you reset your project.
This is what shows up on your project timeline once you reset your project.

Restarting your project will reset:

  • Project start date
  • Your photos count
  • Some of the achievements
  • Your streak
  • Your missed days
  • Your project completion

But that’s not all. If you don’t care about the streak or stats at all, you can now hide those from your profile page completely and focus entirely on taking and uploading photos.

You can also hide statistics from your profile.
You can also hide statistics from your profile.

New features in 1.1.0

  • Restarting your project
  • Updated user profile
  • Sorting user photos by oldest
  • New account and settings page
  • Improved mobile experience (still a lot to do here)
  • New landing page (don’t forget to share it with with friends)

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