Why are we building tookapic?
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Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

How many photos do you take every day? 10? 100? 1,000? How many of them actually matter. How many would you like to save? If you could choose just one photo every day, which one would it be?

Hi, my name is Pawel and I’m the founder of tookapic. Last year I decided to start my own photo a day project. I remember the exact date. It was August 15th 2013. Starting that day I’ve been taking and publishing one photo every day. I have never missed a day.

I was inspired by yesterdaywasonly. I love John’s blog and his amazing photos. I wanted to improve my photography skills and eventually take better pictures.

After few weeks of running (that’s the name of my project) I noticed it became a source of inspiration for quite a few people. My friends and people I met on Twitter and Facebook began to set up their own photoblogs.

Unfortunately, most of them gave up after few days. Some managed to run their projects for several weeks. Noone actually got it pass two months.

We know people want to run their photo a day projects. We also know that they aren’t motivated enough to keep going. That’s why we’re starting tookapic. To keep you motivated along the way. We’ll make sure that your journey from photo #1 to photo #365 is exciting and rewarding.

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  • Tatiana

    @PawelKadysz thank you for this site! It's a great idea. I was always saying to myself - "train every day, it's the best for you to learn", but... there was always "but" connected with "tomorrow". Here it's different, I don't wanna miss a day and even when there is no time and I forgot - I have a reminder from Tookapic. It's awsome! Thank you for this site very, very much! That's what I need 😀

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Also, take a look at our official Help Center. Perhaps you’ll find the answer there.