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It’s hard to believe but I’m getting closer to a 1000 photos taken and published day after day. 1000 days. 1000 photos.

I already posted an article about how photography projects helped me get out of my comfort zone. But this time I want to get a bit more personal. I’m going to tell you how 365 project impacted my everyday, private life.

I learned about myself

Taking photos every day painted a bigger picture of who I am. Take a brief look at my 365 project and you’ll immediately see where do I spend most of my time, who do I spend it with, what I’m interested in and what I enjoy doing besides taking photos.

Can pizza be the highlight of the day? Why not.

I’m not a famous blogger nor am I a music star. My life is not a TMZ front page material. And that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes the highlight of my day is getting a pizza after work. Or release of a game I’ve been looking forward to playing.

Playing Witcher 3

Life is not always exciting. There are days when absolutely nothing worth mentioning happens. And that’s fine. My 365 project is how my life looks.

I know how to use my camera

When I posted my very first photo I had absolutely no knowledge about photography. I knew how to change the lens and how to turn the camera on. That’s it.

After taking daily photos for almost 1000 days straight I can honestly say I know everything about my camera. I know what it’s capable of and what its’ flaws are.

If it wasn't for my 365 project I wouldn't have climbed to 14th floor of the apartment building to get this pic.

I know what aperture, shutter and ISO are and how to set those up to get the perfectly exposed image. I can now use manual mode instinctively.

If it wasn't for my 365 project I wouldn't have built a home studio.

I know what filters are and how to use them to change the look of my photos. I know what focal length, sensor and full frame are. And I also know why I don’t need a full frame sensor.

All this knowledge and experience came to me after just few weeks of daily photo taking. I didn’t read any books about photography (I know I should).

I see how fast time flies

We all think we’ll live forever. That every year is such a long period of time, and that we have so many more years to live. But one year is only 365 days. It’s a bit less than 9000 hours. And it’s just 52 weekends.

When I browse through my photos from last couple of months I see how my life changed during last few weeks. Each year is just few pages of photos. It takes just few clicks to see my whole year.

I took this photo 377 days ago. It's only been 53 weeks, and yet my life changed a lot since than.

When I started my first 365 project I had a girlfriend. After scrolling few pages my girlfriend suddenly becomes my wife. Few more clicks and first photos of our son show up. I’m almost 30 now. Those 1000 days is 10% of my whole life. Ten percent!

I’m creating a legacy

There’s a story behind every single picture I took. I wrote a short comment under each of the photos. Each pic was taken for a reason. And I remember all of those reasons. For every single one of those 1000 photos.

If it wasn't for my 365 project I wouldn't have appeared on live TV.

Every year I’m going to print a photobook. I’m going to have a special shelf for those photobooks. I’ve already got my first book. I really like when my wife takes it and smiles with every photo she sees. She also remembers most of those moments.

If it wasn't for my 365 project, tookapic wouldn't have made it to the press.

And in 40 years I will show all those 40 books to my grandchildren and tell them stories about some of those photos. And it will be awesome.

I captured moments I would’ve missed

Few weeks ago my wife called me to take a photo of her and our son. It sounded like there was a unique moment happening right there and then. I ran upstairs leaving my camera downstairs.

If it wasn't for my 365 project I wouldn't have stopped on my way home on that day to take a walk in the forest.

Actually, I left one of my cameras downstairs. To be honest, there’s now a camera in pretty much every room in our house. I went upstairs, grabbed whatever camera there was and without thinking too much I captured another unique moment.

If it wasn't for my 365 project I wouldn't have watched the sunset with my dog that day.

It would have been gone if the camera I left downstairs was the only camera I had. It would have been gone if I had to think about setting up the shutter speed or the aperture.

Besides all those great experiences I got when running my 365 projects I think there’s actually one downside of daily photo taking. Photography is addictive. And so is buying new photography gear.

I recently bought a tiny little compact camera, so I can have it with me even while running upstairs ;)

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  • Jule

    This is so inspiring and makes me really sad I've stopped after 1,5 years in 2014... But who cares, I'm totally on it again!! Great article!

    • tigg

      Thing is, I don't really give taking a daily photo a second thought. It just happens. It just ... is. I've checked on the other 365 site I post on, and I've clocked up 1610 daily photos. Really? Certainly does not seem any achievement; it just happens. [And I post a different photograph on each site.] Just wish I had found Tookapic a bit earlier.

    • Filip Švácha

      That's really nice article you have written. It touched me quite a lot, because your story reminds me of my own. I already clocked 1k daily photos as well, few cameras ran trough my hands, I've learned all about the exposure, aperture, technical stuff, learned to be less shy and don't mind looking suspicious while taking photos on the street, even going to places I wouldn't go otherwise. It has been an amazing experience so far and I must admit, it got a whole better thanks to your site! God bless you for your work that brings so much happiness to all of us 😀

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