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Tookapic License for dummies
Tookapic License simply explained
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Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

We did our best to make our licensing terms as simple as possible. Even that wall of text on our licensing page might look confusing - it really is simple.

This blog post is a summary of the what you can and can’t do with the photos you purchase or download from Tookapic Stock.

What’s the difference between free and paid photos?

We have thousands of free photos available. Keep in mind they're not licensed under CC0. You can download them and use them for free in unlimited commercial and personal projects. There is one condition - you need to attribute the author and link back to either the photo page on tookapic or to

With paid photos - you don’t have to attribute the author neither you need to link back to our site. Paid photos are usually higher quality.

What can I do with the photos I got from Tookapic?

The possibilities are endless. There are almost no limits on the allowed usage of our photos. Here are examples of what you can do with them:

  • Use for yourself or on behalf of a client
  • Use on its own or as part of new work
  • Use as a cover image for the book you’re publishing
  • Use to enrich your content (blog post for example)
  • Use in social media marketing (post to Facebook for example)
  • Sell them as physical products (prints, mugs, phone cases)
  • Print them on t-shirts and sell them
  • Edit and manipulate to create a completely new image
  • Use them for your web / graphic design project
  • Use in advertising and marketing

What I CAN’T do with those photos?

There are only just a few uses that are not allowed. For full terms please see part 4.1 of our licensing. Here's what you can't do:

  • Use photos in a manner that is considered obscene, pornographic, immoral, infringing, defamatory or libelous, threatening, insulting, racist, offensive or vulgar.
  • Use for editorial purposes without following credit: „©’s Member Name”
  • Redistribute digitally on their own. For example put the photos as available for download / purchase on your own website.

How much do those photos cost?

All premium photos on tookapic cost $10 when purchased one by one. However, we strongly encourage you to purchase a photo package.You can save up to $200 when purchasing multiple photo credits. Prices includes VAT and other taxes. There are no additional fees. There’s only one size of the photos - and it’s full resolution - for the same price - $10.

How do I purchase Tookapic photos?

Transactions are handled by Paddle. Once you choose one of the photo packages available, there will be a popup window showing up asking you for your credit card details or allowing you to pay with PayPal. Once the transaction is done - photo credits will appear on your account.

You can then spend those credits on premium photos. One credit allows you to download one premium photo. Your purchase history is available here.

Can purchase photos without signing up?

Yes. You can purchase single premium photos without tookapic account. Once you pay $10 for the photo, we’ll send you an email with a link to download the photo you purchased. We recommend signing up though, since it’s the only way to keep your purchase history and re-download any photo you’ve bought.

More questions?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding licensing, purchasing & pricing. Use the Help button in the bottom right corner of the page.

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  • Satoshi T.

    When I began to Tookapic on October 2015, Free stock photos were under CC0 license. but now they are under Tookapic licence and we need to attribute of author and link back. To tell the honest, among Japanese website creators, the Stock photo sites that have changed the license do not get good reputation. People who have downloaded last year still do not know that the license has changed.

    They used Free stock photos from Tookapic still no attribution and no link-back. Even in the Same pic, it may be considered that obligation occurs from the time that we downloaded in under Tookapic license?

    • Satoshi T.

      I've saw the photos of Paweł and Patryk on some of the other site after I wrote the opinion of the above. They've posted as if the members of the site were taken. They had become free download and allowed to use Any purpose. I changed my opinion. Now I think Tookapic License is reasonable. If I really hope "No rights reserved" about a pic, then I publish it in the site which advocates the CC0.

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      Pawel from Tookapic

      Hi, I’m happy to help you with any tookapic subject, however, before you send me a message, please look at Help section where you can find answers for most questions.

      We’ll reply shortly!

      Please note that answers for most questions about tookapic can be found in the Help section.