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tookapic is out of beta

When we planned the first version of tookapic in June 2014 we had no idea what to expect. We’ve never built a startup. We’ve never ran a social community website.

It all began on October 9th, 2014. That’s when first 60 users got their invites to a closed beta version of tookapic. It didn’t go very well. The main feature – photo uploading – was broken.

Today, after more than 220 days of testing, fixing, adding new features and removing others we’re finally ready to go out of beta and introduce the version 1.0.0 of tookapic.

Besides fixing hundreds of minor bugs and few major ones, we’ve been working on awesome new features over the last few months. Here’s an overview of what’s new.

The Streak is gone

The Streak is probably one of the most important factor of tookapic – it motivates people to keep going and uploading photos every day. But on the other hand, the moment the streak resets is number one most discouraging thing that happens to a tookapic user.

tookapic profile stats – before.
tookapic profile stats – before.

And discouraging you on your journey to completing 365 project is the last thing we want to do. So we changed the streak to “Uploads in a row”. It’s exactly the same as streak, but sounds less important.

tookapic profile stats – now.
tookapic profile stats – now.

We’re also adding the “Missed days” number. It’s a number of days you haven’t uploaded a pic for. The ultimate, perfect 365 project would of course have 365 uploads in a row and 0 missed days. But it’s up to you how you want to complete it. We won’t force anything.

EXIF is no longer required

This was probably the most frustrating thing for all newcomers. Having it properly set is not that easy. Also the retouching process can often erase all of the EXIF. And finally – Apple devices strip all the EXIF data while uploading a photo – so tookapic wouldn’t accept a photo uploaded from an iPhone or iPad.

EXIF data is no longer required for photos
EXIF data is no longer required for photos

The EXIF is no longer required. If your photo has no EXIF, we’ll just ask you when was it taken. And that’s it.

Thumbnail cropping is gone

Cropping a high resolution image was draining a lot of resources and could often crash a browser on a desktop machine. It could even blow up a mobile device. Just kidding.

It didn’t work as we wanted on some devices so we got rid of it. The upload page is now lighter, and works much smoother.

Selling your photos

We’ve been paying to run tookapic with our own money. And lately the invoices started to pile up. We didn’t want to go after your money and offer premium features for a subscription fee. Instead – we decided to give you a chance to actually earn some cash.

You can now sell your photos on tookapic
You can now sell your photos on tookapic

Starting today, you can put your photos on sale. We’ll pay you $5 for every sale you make. You can withdraw your money once your balance is more than $50. To start selling, just go to this page and fill a simple seller agreement form.

Mass photo editor

Editing every single photo to make it available for sale would be a real pain. So we created a simple way to bulk edit your photos. It’s called mass photo editor and is available here. Just select which ones you want to put on sale and click “Update photos”.

Our brand new mass photo editor
Our brand new mass photo editor

With mass photo editor you can also make your photos available for free and add or remove watermark.

Better browsing

You probably noticed the tweaked home page. The photos are now arranged in a nice mosaic. Even the panorama pics will display perfectly now.

Mosaic view and infinite photos!
Mosaic view and infinite photos!

We also got rid of traditional pagination and replaced it with an infinite scrolling feature. Less clicking, more browsing. Sweet, isn’t it?

Weekly themes

We introduced weekly themes three weeks ago and you loved the idea. Sow we decided to build the feature in the tookapic site.

There’s a new, special page with the current and all the previous themes listed. We also tweaked the upload page, so you can easily enter the weekly theme challenge and avoid typos in your tags.

What now?

There are probably new bugs we need to fix. After that, we’ll be working on making your tookapic profiles even better. For now, enjoy the “out of beta” tookapic, invite your friends and share the news.

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