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After spending more than a month on the redesign we're finally able to show you the new and better tookapic. In this blog post I will try to list all the new features and also - features that are coming to tookapic in near future.

Why did we do it?

So this is a basic question. A question that should be answered before the redesign even started. Because if the new look has no purpose it shouldn't be done.

Why then, Pawel? Why?! Well, while the user interface of tookapic was decent (I would even say it was good) at some point it started to take over the site. Photos were pushed to the background.

And I thought it was bad.

So I started doodling in Photoshop and actually got rid of most the colors, tables, lines and boxes. And the result is what you can see today. It's all about the photos now. Photos, and the stories behind them. Nothing draws attention off the pics you upload. Pics & stories - that's what tookapic is about and that's what the new design brings out (at least I hope so).

What's new

Not much changed in how tookapic works, since this update was mostly about how it looks. But there are some changes worth mentioning. So here's the list.

New upload

I think this is the update we're most proud of. It does not look like a typical upload page anymore. Instead it's a seamless experience of creating a one-day photo story.

Weekly themes

Remember those days when you saw a beautiful photo posted to the weekly theme gallery and it turned out to be taken 14 months ago? Well, those days are over. Only photos taken during the theme week will be counted.

Besides that we moved the rules of each weekly theme from the blog to the weekly themes page. It doesn't require you to go to another page to read the rules.

New weekly themes
New weekly themes

And last, but not least - next to the number of photos posted in the weekly theme we added a counter that tells you how many people are taking part in the challenge.

New Hero stats

This is probably the biggest backend update we've made. You can get much, much more information now with the new Hero stats. For example you can now sort your top photos based on likes, views, comments, sales or even downloads or even see who's your biggest fan is, who comments the most on your photos and who likes your photos most often.

New and improved Hero stats
New and improved Hero stats

If you're not a tookapic Hero yet, this might be a good time to upgrade. It's just $6/mo which is like a $0.20 a day. And by upgrading, you not only unlock some awesome features but also help paying for all the costs that tookapic generates (and it's a lot right now).

Latest activity

When you go to your activity screen you you'll notice that it has much more information now. It includes excerpts from comments on your photos as well as photo thumbnails to better show which photo a particular notification refers to.

New activity screen
New activity screen

New achievements

We've added a bunch of new achievements. You can now unlock badges for posting on our blog or using different cameras during your 365 project. There's even an achievement for... no. I won't tell you.

What's coming next?

The changes we made to the site today serve as a base for some awesome new features. Here's a list of what we plan to add to the site very soon:

Photo contests with real prizes. We're talking with few companies (I'm sure you all know an love them) about sponsorship. What kind of prizes are we talking here? Photgraphy gear? Sure, but not only.

Moderators - some of you might soon get an email asking for help with keeping the site clean and the community happy.

Auto-tagging - What you probably don't know is that if you don't tag your photos - they will be unfindable. And if you're putting a photo on sale and don't tag it - it will never be sold, because noone will ever be able to find it.

It's really hard to encourage you guys to tag your photos properly. We actually gave up trying. We're going tag your photos automatically. We have the technology!

Private projects which you've been asking for since forever. You'll soon be able to post your photos privately and only give access to users you specifically choose.

And much, much more...

If you find a bug in the new site - use the little chat icon in the bottom right corner - it's the best way to report any issues with tookapic.

That's it for now. Enjoy the new site. Let us know what you think here in the comments or in this Talk that Robert started earlier today.

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  • Tobias

    Wow, the new tookapic looks really awesome and it feels great to scroll across the whole site. You've done a great job! Thank you for building tookapic! 😀

  • Gogi Golzman

    looking greattttt tnx for the efforts !!!

    • Aaron

      Just loaded up the site and was caught by surprise, looks excellent on my first pass! Thanks for improving the site for everyone 😀

      • Jeff Xie

        That's AWESOME!! I really appreciate your work. It brings lot of fun for photography and information!!

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        Pawel from Tookapic

        Hi, I’m happy to help you with any tookapic subject, however, before you send me a message, please look at Help section where you can find answers for most questions.

        We’ll reply shortly!

        Please note that answers for most questions about tookapic can be found in the Help section.