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Wouldn’t it be nice to hang one of your photos in your living room? Framed in a nice, stylish black frame with a classy white passe-partout around it?

Now you can do that. We’ve just rolled out new feature that lets you order quality prints of your photos. We’ve spent last weeks looking for the best printshop to partner up with. And we finally decided to go with the one that prints our photobooks.

Smallest frame available along with the white passe-partout.
Smallest frame available along with the white passe-partout.
Largest print size available. Can also be ordered as framed print.
Largest print size available. Can also be ordered as framed print.

Quality & pricing

Photos are printed on the Epson Semimatte Photo Paper and framed in black and light but durable frames. There’s also an option to add a white passe-partout which will make your photo look even better.

Is it a exhibition-ready quality? No. Exhibition-ready quality would cost three times what we charge. In fact, comparing to other photo printing services our prints are very affordable. Here's the full pricing.

No frame:
  • 30x40 cm (12x16”): $16
  • 40x50 cm (16x20”): $19
  • 40x60 cm (16x24”): $22
  • 50x70 cm (20x28”): $26
  • 60x80 cm (24x32”): $29
  • 60x90 cm (24x36”): $32

It's also possible to order a frame print of your photo. Photos are framed in simple, classy, black, light frames. They look really good.

Frame only:
  • 40x60 cm (16x24”): $49
  • 50x70 cm (20x28”): $59
  • 60x80 cm (24x32”): $69

There's also one more option available. If you wish, we'll add a classy 5-7cm passe-partout around your photo.

Frame + passe-partout:
  • 40x60 cm (16x24”): $59
  • 50x70 cm (20x28”): $69
  • 60x80 cm (24x32”): $79
  • Prints are ready to be shipped within 5 weekdays
  • Unframed prints: worldwide flat fee of $9
  • Framed prints: $9 - Poland, $25 - rest of the world

You only pay once for shipping, so if you order 3 framed prints, 5 unframed ones, 1 t-shirt and 1 photobook, you’ll still only pay $25.

File requirements

We made all your photos available for print (you can only print your own photos for now). But keep in mind, that the quality of the print depends of the size of the original file you've uploaded to tookapic.

Once you click the basket icon under your photo, the ordering window will pop up. Please double check if the quality of your print is Good or Best. Anything below that will result in a bad quality, pixelated and blurry print. You probably don't want that.

Enjoy your prints. If you order one, don’t forget to take a pic of it and post it to Tookapic or Instagram and tag it with #tookapicprint

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  • Paweł Kadysz

    Probably. All your photos are scaled down to 1500px wide. And that's just too small for producing a decent quality print. Make sure you have the "Resize to fit" unchecked in the export options, so the lightroom will export the original size. Like here:

  • Kateli

    Oh thank you so much. You're such good advice ! This has been driving me crazy for weeks. I've changed it now and I hope it sets the problem. Thanks.

  • Kateli

    No, it still doesn't make any difference. Is there something I can set on my camera to help ?? It's quite puzzling and I've only been taking photos for a few months !! SOS !

  • Kateli

    If I shoot in RAW, can I then use Lightroom to change them into jpg files ? I have actually tried that but then the photo was too big to upload on tookapic... ! I'm lost ! Can you help me ?

  • Grace

    Is it possible to reupload a photo of better file quality without losing the comments etc when printing?

  • Paweł Kadysz

    No. What if someone would reupload a completely different photo? Imagine you were commenting and liking a photo of a beautiful landscape and then someone would upload a photo of a totally different thing.

    But from what I see, your original photos are pretty big. Why would you want to reupload?

  • Grace

    Ah well some of them aren't. Also recently I've been putting a watermark on them, I wouldn't want to include that if I were to get a print. I guess I could upload a photo to an earlier date from before I started and then delete it again later..

  • Paweł Kadysz

    We're now focused on launching the app, but give us another two weeks and we'll try to find a workaround.

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