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When you logged in this afternoon, you probably noticed some major changes in how tookapic looks and works. This is one of the biggest updates we've had since start. Here's what's new.

  • It's easier to start your project
  • New user levels
  • Streak is gone, kind of
  • User rankings & Score
  • Upload calendar
  • Menu changes

It's easier to start your project

One of the most frequent complaint we were getting from new users was "Why can't I start my project with a photo I took 3 weeks ago." - there were a lot of new users who started their projects on tumblr or flickr, and discovered tookapic later. But it was too late for them to move their project to our site, since we only allowed them to start with a photo taken today or the day before.

Right now, you can start with whatever date you want. The only limitation is - your first photo can't be from a date earlier than October 9th, 2014 (the day we launched tookapic).

That means, if you've already been running your project somewhere else (i.e. 6 months on Flickr), there will be no problem to move all those photos to tookapic and continue here.

New user levels

The experience points you were getting for every photo uploaded were confusing for new users. The levels were just some abstract number that told you nothing. We changed that.

Starting today we're replacing the old levels with user ranks. There are 12 ranks and they only depend on the number of photos you uploaded.

Streak is gone, kind of...

Before you get mad at us, let me assure you that your streak is safe and sound, and we're still counting it. We're just not displaying it anymore on your profile. But why, Pawel? Whyyyyy?

Well, it's quite simple really. The number one reason for people abandoning their 365 projects on tookapic was broken streak. It was a huge downer. People got discouraged. And ability to restart the project did not help.

If you're a geek like me and really care about keeping the streak, you should just continue reading, because we prepared something really awesome.

User rankings & Score

You can still track your streak here. This is one of our new user rankings. Displaying top 100 users based on how many photos they uploaded, how big their streak is and how many new people they invited.

User score

This is something new. It's the ultimate awesomeness ranking for our community members. The formula for counting the score is secret. All I can tell you is that it depends on your photo count, streak, days missed, followers, number of your photos getting featured, and number of people you invited.

Pro tip: that last factor I mentioned is very, very important ;)

Upload calendar

To make uploading a photo from earlier dates easier we added a neat little calendar on the upload page. It shows you the days you missed and makes it much easier to fill your project with photos.

But that's not all. The calendar is also available on the photo edit page. You can now adjust the date of the photo you already uploaded. This is more of a feature for the tookapic staff. Every day we were getting requests like "Hey, I uploaded my photo for the wrong date, can you fix it?" - and we've been fixing it. Now you can fix it yourself.

Menu changes

We simplified our main menu. As you can see, there are now three main tabs in the top black bar - Home, Explore and Community.

Home tab

It displays photos and other content based on your tookapic activity. Default view shows photos from people you follow, just like before. You can now sort these photos by popularity.

There's also new tab added - Discover. It shows suggested photos (taken by people you don't follow yet, but liked by users you already follow). We also added new tab - Debuts. It displays photos from people who just started their 365 projects. Makes it easy to greet new community members.


This tab shows the content independent of your tookapic activity. We're listing popular and recent photos there. Explore tab is the place to look for new weekly themes, browse cameras & tags. We also added new page - Galleries with featured, popular and recently updated photo galleries from Hero users.

The future of tookapic

It was hard to admit we're failing to make tookapic work as a sustainable community site. But thanks to your support and new Hero subscribers we'll be able to cover server expenses in March and maybe a bit of the expenses in April. I'm constantly amazed how great community we managed to build here.

Donate page

Some of you wanted to support tookapic besides upgrading to Hero account. We'll be adding a donate page to tookapic. You'll be able to chip in with any amount. We're still discussing this subject with our accountant. It'll take another few days.

Private messaging

You asked for this in the recent questionnaire we sent out. It was number one requested feature. Just to be clear - this will not be a live chat. More of an email inside tookapic.

If you're a Hero user, you'll get to turn on "Message me" option on your profile. Any user (doesn't have to be a Hero) will be able to send you a message and receive a reply from you.

What we hope for

Number one goal is the growth of the community. We hope that the new user rankings will encourage you to invite more friends to join us. And we also hope that your invitees will enjoy running their 365 projects on tookapic more thanks to the new upload page and much simpler rules.

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  • Grace

    Hi @Paweł, thanks so much for the updates, so happy to be able to upload the start of my 365 project at last! 😄 I discovered tookapic a week after I started so I'm so pleased to have all my photos in one place now. Thanks again 😀

    • tigg

      Major update indeed. I think you must have about 9 days in your week ... New baby, new website ...thank you for your dedication and open, clear explanations.

      • Paweł Kadysz

        To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that we didn't break the site completely. We broke it a little bit, but it still works. Kind of.

      • Natalia Balanina

        thanks for nicely written explanation! new update is pretty interesting 😀

        • Richard Morwood

          Love the new calendar!

          • Michał Sadowski

            Love it. Love the design !

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