Last week in photography #5
Last week in photography #5
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"Last week in photography" is a curated round up of photography news, gear & software announcements, reviews and gossip that happened last week.

The round up usually contains at least 5 of the most interesting articles or videos from previous week. It's published every Sunday morning, so you can enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee.

So what's new?

Last week we released the brand new design of the account page. Hopefully it'll make it easier to navigate through all tookapic features. We've also got most of the iOS app's major bug fixes and getting really close to the official release. Stay tuned!

How to Come Up With a Personal Project Idea

Eric Kim writes about the importance of personal photography projects. How to come up with an idea for one, and why it's ok to abandon them.

Timelapse made with Prisma images

Can you imagine retouching 2500 photos on your mobile device? That's exactly what Drew Geraci did to create this awesome timelapse that looks like a moving painting. It took him 5 days. You should also take a look at the behind the scenes video.

Homeless Taking Photos with Disposable Cameras

100 disposable Fuji cameras were given to the homeless people of Spartanburg, South Carolina. After a brief instructions on using the cameras and basics of photography, the homeless were then asked to take photos for 5 days. These are the results.

Photographing life instead of experiencing it

Interesting article by Rebecca Macmillan. Here's an excerpt: "For them, taking photos and videos from Instagram and Snapchat is not a way to memorialize a night out. It’s the night’s main event."

ShootTokyo by Dave Powell

A short, 3.5 minute movie about life and photography of Dave Powell, a Tokyo based street photographer and a man behind ShootTokyo blog.

Last week on our blog

If you want to help with the blog, we're accepting articles now. Just send them over at our email address (the one you get all our emails from). Any kind of articles are fine. Gear reviews, your thoughts on photography and 365 projects, or even tutorials.

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