Last week in photography #4
Last week in photography #4
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"Last week in photography" is a curated round up of photography news, gear & software announcements, reviews and gossip that happened last week.

The round up usually contains at least 5 of the most interesting articles or videos from previous week. It's published every Sunday morning, so you can enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee.

So what's new?

We've added new deal to our Photography Deals page. Also, you asked for bringing back Hero monthly subscriptions. So we did. You can now become a tookapic Hero for just $6/mo.

Prisma app

It's impossible you haven't heard about this new popular photo app. It lets you turn your photos into something that's supposed to look like a painting. Results are pretty neat. But please, don't post Prisma-edited photos on tookapic ;)

Colorize Black & White Photos Online

You know those old black and white war photos colorized by professional retouchers? Well it turns out it now can be done online with the use of AI. Sure results won't be as good as the ones from real people, but still - this is pretty impressive. Try it yourself.

Vorticity - timelapse by Mike Olbinski

If you like timelapse videos - you're going to love this one. This is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Mike Olbinski is a storm chaser, and boy, does he catch some spectacular storms. The jaw-dropping part starts at around 2:40. You really need to watch this in HD.

100 Stranger Portraits taken by a Shy Introvert

Very good article about overcoming the shyness and "just doing it". I know a lot of amateur photographers have this problem of photographing strangers. I know I do. This article might help. It is long, but definitely worth reading.

Pokémon Go Encouraged Me to Take More Photos

No, you can't hide from the Pokémon Go craze on tookapic. It got to the photographers as well. But fortunatelly it encourages people to take more and better photos.

Last week on our blog

If you want to help with the blog, we're accepting articles now. Just send them over at our email address (the one you get all our emails from). Any kind of articles are fine. Gear reviews, your thoughts on photography and 365 projects, or even tutorials.

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