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Your 365 Day project should be considered a second job. It is time consuming and you are expected to produce something every day.

However, do you have a space dedicated to your second job? You might want to consider setting one up, it’s just like setting up your work desk.

To start off, the easiest place to set-up your work station is in your house. Your home is where you should be spending most of your time.

Figure out a place that you can easily install everything you need and be able to keep it there. When was the last time you moved your work desk because it was in the way? Exactly. The last thing you want is an inconsistent work space. A spare bedroom or a corner is a good place. Ideally you want to location to have lots of sunlight. The prime location should include the following:

  1. Windows
  2. Power Outlets
  3. Flat Surfaces

These are key factors for your space. All of these will make your daily task manageable. Michal has a perfect set-up for his photography:

Am I alive? by Michał Kulesza

Continuing, you should have lights (if possible) to neutralize shadows and other unwanted factors. Wether it’s industrial lights or lamps, they make a difference in your photography. This is where your power outlets come in handy. That way you aren’t tripping over long extension cords like Pawel:

Too much power by Paweł Kadysz

As well, lights can create special effects and images. Things you’ll need to have “good” lighting:

  1. Lights
  2. White bulbs
  3. Diffusers
  4. Stands

Laying out your lights, can create consistency in your photography. Remember, this is your zone for creating. Take full advantage of everything.

Thirdly, have a tripod set-up in your space. A tripod can be the difference between a clear sharp photograph and a blurry -distasteful- photograph. You don’t want your photos having unintentional motion blur or be unintentionally out of focus. A tripod can prevent those things from happening.

It could be a professional one like these two:

Filming by Paweł Kadysz
Slider by Paweł Kadysz

No tripod? Actually a stack of books will work just fine. Things you’ll need to take advantage of a tripod set-up:

  1. Tripod
  2. Remote or Self-Timer
  3. A mirror or a flip screen

Lastly, you want a background. Wether it’s a solid background or a background with subtle details. A background should be flat and seamless. A wall is perfect. A poster board that is laid out on two surfaces with no crease is also very good.

A common background is a white background:

Risky by Paweł Kadysz

But, it’s not the only background you can use. Blue, burgundy or wood work just as good.

Not quite ready yet by Paweł Kadysz
365 by Dominique
You've Got Mail ! by Dominique
Creative block by Paweł Kadysz

Each of these backgrounds do not take away from the main idea. It adds to the image. Things you’ll need for a “good” background:

  1. Solid colors or simple patterns.
  2. No creases or distractive blemishes.

In conclusion, these simple tips will help you unify your photography and make you feel like your 365 day project is meaningful. A good space can allow you to grow as a photographer and the main point of doing a picture everyday is to improve. Hopefully you can take this with a grain of salt and think about setting up your own workspace.

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