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How to get on photographer's nerves with one sentence
How to get on photographer's nerves with one sentence
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Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

Once you get really hooked on photography you'll start to notice other people don't really get it. But that doesn't stop them from making comments and saying some really dumb things. Facepalm is the only answer.

Few weeks ago someone on Reddit gave a simple challenge to the /r/photography community. They were supposed to piss off a photographer with just one sentence. Below you'll find my favourite 10 sentences that non-photographers say. There is much more here.

Get an iPhone, a VSCOcam app and Instagram account, and boom! You're now a photographer no worse than someone who spent years studying and practicing photography. Just like that.

There's probably only one reasonable piece of advice you can give in this case and that's "Sell your camera".

A perfect recipe for ruining someones wedding photos. Get a low end DSLR and a kit 18-55mm and you're good to go. Don't forget to pop that on-camera flash.

These are really good photos. I wish I had your camera so I could take photos as good as yours. Oh, you took those with your phone? That's impossible. Get out of here.

Similar to the previous one, just as dumb. Never heard of someone saying "That oven makes really good roast" to a cook.

I admit, this one is not as ignorant the other ones unless you start to insist on putting the flash directly in front of you, because "that's how it's supposed to be".

Because, you know, I really want to edit them myself. I think it needs more saturation, contrast and clarity. And I've got that app that can apply that awesome white vignette effect on those pic. It'll make them so much better.

I get this quite often. I obviously tell people the model of camera I'm using. But it could've been any camera just as well.

Pressing the button is somewhere in the middle of the process of taking a photo. But who cares about planning, setting up the scene, framing and post processsing, right?

Usually asked by poeple who set up Their Name Photography page on Facebook same day they get their first camera. And by lots of likes they usually mean 12.

Which one got you the most? Are there any things people say about photography that really get on your nerves? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Joost van Halm

    What about: hey that's not a professional camera (amateur holding a Nikon D800 showing of a series of badly exposed photo's made in 'P') while you are holding that Sony RX100. I say, if you get payed for a photograph from that Sony, that makes it a pro-camera!

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