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Must read Tookapic License for dummies

We did our best to make our licensing terms as simple as possible. Even that wall of text on our licensing page might look confusing - it really is simple.

This blog post is a summary of the what you can and can’t do with the photos you purchase or download from Tookapic Stock.

Must read Is photo retouching cheating?
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Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

Photography is about capturing reality. It’s about telling a story exactly how it is. It’s about truth. Or is it really?

Photojournalism, documentary and reportage photography obviously is. There were even cases of disqualification from Press Photo Awards for altering the reality. For example Klav Bo Christensen was disqualified due to excessive use of Photoshop in this photo:

Must read Where to run your 365 project and why it should be Tookapic

With everyone who owns a cellphone now able to enter the arena of photography, the hobby has gained more and more people who are interested in it to varying degrees.

From the selfie-pros to the semi-pros, photography and photography-based communities have become increasingly more common in the last decade. Instagram and Flickr are two well-known platforms that attract quite a range of photographers, but then there are the websites that are used by professionals and serious photographers for portfolios, like 500px.

Must read What I learned from my 365 project

It was August 14th 2013. Me and my girlfriend just moved into our own new house. We didn’t have any furniture in the living room yet.

It was late evening. Long after the sunset. I was sitting in the middle of the living room on a chair I brought from my office. I thought to myself. Ok, now what?

Must read 10 Photography related YouTube channels you should subscribe to

YouTube is full of videos for photography enthusiasts. But there are only few channels that actually produce a professional and high quality content.

Here’s a roundup of 10 photography YouTube channels that you should subscribe to right now. Because if you don’t, you’ll miss a lot of great content.

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Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

There are many rules you should follow while running your 365 project. You should, but you don’t have to. But there is one that is absolutely necessary. You don’t follow this rule and your 365 project is pretty much over.

And the rule is… Take photos every single day. Simple, right? Obvious? Maybe. You could think that nothing bad would happen if you miss a day. But 365 project with the 276th day missing is not a 365 project.

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If you really need to know something about your camera it’s those three things. Aperture, exposure and ISO. Once you get familiar with these three, you’ll magicaly get out of the “amateur zone”.

Every camera uses aperture, exposure and ISO values to determine how your photo will look like. On auto mode it’ll set those up for you so your pic is sharp and well lit. But sometimes you want more blur in the background, don’t you? Or maybe you want your photo to be a bit darker to get this unique romantic feeling. Switch to the manual mode and continue reading.

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We all want to achieve great things. We dream about changing the world, about fame, money, recognition and appreciation. And yet, so very few of us actually do something meaningful with their life.

We are scared of getting out of the comfort zone. If something is good, or at least decent, why should I improve it, right? I like my life how it is. I feel safe. Bored, but safe. Unappreciated, but safe.

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When I was just starting my own project in 2013, I had no idea how it will impact my life. All I knew was that I wanted to start something new.

I completed my project on August 15th this year. But I already started a new one, here on tookapic. You’re probably asking yourself, why on earth people do that? Why do they sacrifice those precious minutes to take and publish that one photo every day. Well, let me tell you why they do it, and why you should do it too.

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