Inspiration 7 Photography TED Talks you really need to watch

TED Talks website is one of my favourite places on the web. I watch their videos every week and get incredibly inspired every time.

There are literally tens of talented photographers among TED Speakers. Some of them are professional and some are amateurs like us. But their stories are amazing. Some are touching, some are unbelievable, some are inspiring. All of them are worth watching.


It’s hard to believe but I’m getting closer to a 1000 photos taken and published day after day. 1000 days. 1000 photos.

I already posted an article about how photography projects helped me get out of my comfort zone. But this time I want to get a bit more personal. I’m going to tell you how 365 project impacted my everyday, private life.

Inspiration How D. Vader project kicked me out of my comfort zone

You know that feeling when you move to a new apartment and you close the door to the old one for the last time? Your life moves on. It’s probably going to be much better.

But still — it’s hard to say goodbye to that old apartement. It’s just some walls and furniture and yet some of us even shed a tear when leaving the old flat. It’s full of great memories.

Inspiration 20 mesmerizing photos of staircases

Time to sum up the staircase theme we announced two weeks ago. Be warned - you might get dizzy browsing the pics.

We got about 140 entries for the theme. 20 photos can be viewed below. For the full archive of the theme, check out this page.

Inspiration 100 weirdest stock photos you can actually purchase

Forget all those corporate shots you find on popular stock photos sites. If you really want to surprise your audience these are the photos you are looking for.

Don't get me wrong though, these are not bad photos. Most of them are really good. And they definitely don't look like cheesy staged stock photos we're used to (and probably fed up with). But they're just weird. Some of them are creepy, some of them disturbing.

Inspiration Behind the scenes of the awesome Lego project by Michał Kulesza

Legos are awesome. No doubt about that. But can you make those little bricks even more fun? Sure you can. All you have to do is replace your everyday objects with Legos.

That's exactly what Michał Kulesza did. But before we show you the behind the scenes let's talk about Michał himself for a minute. First of all, he's one of our very first users. In fact Michał was number 5 user on tookapic.

Inspiration 21 photos taken from the overhead perspective

Time to sum up last week's theme. We asked you to take photos from the overhead perspective. Around 200 entries were posted.

It was quite a challenge to pick 20 photos that actually did fit the theme. Some of the entries weren't even close. We need to think of some kind of approval system for the weekly theme entries to avoid unrelated pics in the future.

Inspiration You people are weird. Here's 20 photos that prove that.

When I was publishing the weird weekly theme announcement last Monday I was hoping for it to be one of the best themes we've had so far.

Right now, after browsing through all 200 entries I can honestly say that I got what I asked for. You, poeple are weird, and I love that.

Inspiration 20 photos of numbers in everyday surroundings
Published on by
Paweł Kadysz Paweł Kadysz

Last week we asked you to spot numbers in your everyday surroundings and take a pic. We got more than 250 photos of numbers.

I guess we can say that numbers can be found pretty much everywhere. We still got some photos that didn't fit the theme (we'll be removing them soon) but those that did fit are awesome - see for yourself. As always, full archive of the theme can be found here.


Somewhere in the middle of 2015 I realised that I am not taking pictures regularly. The thing which I really really enjoyed was taking portraits in the ambient light, usually outside.

This article was originally posted on Medium, on January 3rd, 2016. At the moment of publishing this article here, on tookapic Magdalena is already getting close to 200 photos.

This calls for a model, a helper to manage the light reflector and couple of hours of free time - most preferrably - around the golden hour. Unfortunately - only in this particular line of argument - I have this thing called “a day job” and, as much as I really enjoy it, it is particularly engaging and time consuming.

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