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Brand new tookapic blog and t-shirts giveaway

Hello and welcome to the brand new tookapic blog. We spent the last few days redoing it from scratch. So what's new?

First of all - the new blog is now fully integrated with the rest of tookapic. What it means is that if you're signed in - you can comment on blog posts. You'll also get a notification everytime someone replies to a comment you posted on our new blog. Just like you get notified about comment replies on photos.

There will be more features related to blog, i.e. notifications about new blog posts or a weekly summary being sent to your mailbox. But right now, we're focusing on the content. That's why...

We're looking for writers

Those of you who visit Talks regularly probably know that already. If you've ever been asked "Hey, how did you take that photo." or "What lighting setup did you use in this one?" - that means we want you to write for tookapic.

What topics are we looking for?

Anything related to photography. Don't worry if you think you're just an amateur. We all are. Tookapic IS for amateurs, and so it is the blog.

  • Interviews with photographers
  • Gear reviews
  • Photography tips & tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Photography news
  • Inspiration galleries

Got a different idea? Not a problem. Write about your 365 project experience. How it changed the way you take photos or the way you use your camera. Or interview your favourite photographer.

How to apply?

I prepared a short form to fill for anyone who is interested. Fill it out, and I'll get back to you asap. Don't worry if english is not your native language. We have an editor that offered to correct and edit your article.

What about that t-shirt giveaway?

Unfortunately, we can't offer cash for your writing, since we're not currently making money on tookapic. The income barely covers the hosting costs. But we will send you a tookapic t-shirt for every article you write that qualifies for publishing.

Besides that - it's a great way to give back to the community. Share your knowledge. Learning by teaching is one of the most effective way of learning.

There are already 10 people interested in publishing on the blog and new articles are being written right now. So why don't you join. Fill the form, write an article and get that t-shirt.

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