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Legos are awesome. No doubt about that. But can you make those little bricks even more fun? Sure you can. All you have to do is replace your everyday objects with Legos.

That's exactly what Michał Kulesza did. But before we show you the behind the scenes let's talk about Michał himself for a minute. First of all, he's one of our very first users. In fact Michał was number 5 user on tookapic.

Michał is from Białystok, Poland. He's a graphic designer and owner of a small design studio called Studio Trzy Zmiany. Passionate about webdesign, logos and aspiring photographer. We loved his work so much that we hired Michał to design our official logo (get it on a t-shirt).

His recent Lego series was featured by some of the biggest online media out there, including Mashable. We asked Michał about the project and his gear. You'll be surprised how little you need to deliver such an awesome quality work. First, let me show you some of the pics from Michał's series.

Amusing grater by Michał Kulesza
Wanna banana? by Michał Kulesza
Muffins by Michał Kulesza

What gear do you use? What is your setup?

I use Canon 6D and my go to lens is Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L EF IS USM. It's usually mounted on the Velbon Sharpa 250R tripod.

I use continuous lighting. Two 125W bulbs that give a nice natural light at around 5500K. The're both mounted on the cheapest stands I could find, but as long as they don't fall, it's enough for me.

Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm mounted on Velbon Sherpa 250R tripod.
Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm mounted on Velbon Sherpa 250R tripod.
Two 125W 5500K bulbs on the cheapest stands possible.
Two 125W 5500K bulbs on the cheapest stands possible.

There are also 2 more stands for holding the backdrop. I sometimes use 430 EX II speedlight and two remote remote triggers - Youngnuo RF605C. A light diffuser and big, white sheet of paper as a backdrop. And of course few boxes of Lego bricks.

The equipment used for taking Lego photos.
The equipment used for taking Lego photos.

I use two continuous lighting lamps to get rid most of the shadows on the sides of the object I'm taking photo of. Below you'll find my setup. In this particular case the scene is set up on a cheap table from IKEA.

As you can see, there is very little space in my "studio". I sometimes have trouble getting out of the room after the shoot.

Where did you get the idea for the Lego project?

It all came from the need of focusing on one particular theme. Before that I've been taking photos of pretty much everything I stumbled upon. My 365 project pics were pretty much random. I decided I should pick a theme for my project.

But that's not the only reason. I was also inpired by the Daily Life of D.Vader project. Having a themed project helps a lot. I wanted to have my own theme. My own photo project inside a 365 project. I didn't have an idea though.

I needed something that versatile. Something that I could take photos of for weeks. Something that I won't get bored with after few days. I remembered my lego-tomato pic. That's it - I thought.

Edgy tomato by Michał Kulesza

I started to build stuff. Scrambled eggs made out of Lego - why not? A Lego banana - sure! I even built a roll of toilet paper made out of the Lego bricks. New ideas started to come immidiately. That's how it started.

I've been planing to change the course of the project for quite some time now. Something more interesting, funnier, more entertaining. Something with even bigger potential. You'll be able to see it very soon.

What inspires you?

Everything. Literally. Wherever I am, whatever I see - I think to myself - What if it was made of Legos...? There's a lot of really weird ideas. Seriously, I'm sometimes surprised how stupid things I do.

But it's fun. It's fun for me and for the viewers. It's satisfying form as photographer. But as I mentioned before - it's probably time to switch from Legos to something else and take my 365 project to another (weirder and crazier) level.

What the..? by Michał Kulesza
Lazy Sunday by Michał Kulesza
Hard butter by Michał Kulesza
Snack by Michał Kulesza
Ironing by Michał Kulesza

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