We all want to achieve great things. We dream about changing the world, about fame, money, recognition and appreciation. And yet, so very few of us actually do something meaningful with their life.

We are scared of getting out of the comfort zone. If something is good, or at least decent, why should I improve it, right? I like my life how it is. I feel safe. Bored, but safe. Unappreciated, but safe.

Below I’ll list 5 completely made up excuses that keep you from starting something really cool in your life, like for example – 365 project.

I can’t afford a decent camera

I think most of us misunderstands what a “decent camera” is. It doesn’t have to be 5DMK3 with L lenses. I ran most of my own project with Canon 50D and a cheap 50mm lens. When I was starting out, the gear was already out of the market. You could only get it one eBay.  It wasn’t new, but it did the job. And now, I don’t even use a DSLR.

Sure, spending any amount of money for a camera just to take a daily pic isn’t a perfect idea. But wait, what’s that in your pocket? Is that an iPhone? Or Samsung Galaxy? Or any other smartphone with built in camera? Well, then… I think we busted that excuse.

I know nothing about photography

Guess what, I didn’t either. I’m sure you didn’t know how to read when you started learning… how to read. I said that in the previous article, and I will say it again – you can’t get worse at something by practicing every day.

Believe me, after first two weeks you’ll be amazed how huge your progess is. After first month you’ll probalby know most of your camera features. Give it a week or two more and you’ll be shooting in full manual mode, like a pro.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Sure you don’t. And now, go and watch another 16 episodes of Game of Thrones. Or take a nap. Or check your Facebook for 25th time today. Perhaps spend an hour and a half watching videos of adorable cats on YouTube. Post some funny comments on reddit.

I do all that (I really do) and somehow I still manage to find 30 minutes in a day. Half an hour is more than enough to take, retouch and publish a photo. If you use your phone, it’ll take less than 3 minutes.

I don’t have an idea for my first pic

Your photo-a-day project should be about you. It should be about capturing your life day by day. It should be about those who are important to you. About the things and activities you like.

So go take a selfie. Shoot a portrait of your spouse. Take a photo of the view from your house. Or maybe show us your workplace.

People will hate my photos

With a community so supportive and friendly like the one we have on tookapic this is just impossible. We’re here to provide feedback, help each other, inspire. Not to post hateful comments.

So stop making up excuses and do something for your future self. Start your photo-a-day project today.

Cover pic by Katrina Yu.

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