Your 365 project can be a series of totally random photos of totally random things and people. Or it can be a strictly themed photo project. It’s up to you how your photo journal will look like.

But during those 365 project you will take photos that are somehow connected. Maybe taken in the same place, or maybe portraits of the same person.

That’s where Tookapic galleries come in handy. You can simply collect those connected photos in buckets. But that’s not the only use case for galleries. In this blog post I will show you how you can use this feature to organize your 365 project, get inspired, and even make your grandma excited.

The first part is about the basics of Galleries. If you’re new to Tookapic and don’t know much about galleries, I'd suggest you start there.

If you’re a Tookapic veteran and are just looking for new ideas to use Galleries, scroll down to the use cases part.


Introduction to Tookapic Galleries

You can think of galleries as buckets for organizing your photos during your 365 project. You can also use galleries to collect inspiring images from other Tookapic users. 

How to add photo to a gallery

Anywhere you find a folder icon - that’s where you can collect a photo in a gallery. You’ll see those icons when publishing a photo, or editing your own picture as well as on every photo page on Tookapic.

Adding photo to a gallery on Tookapic.

Click the folder icon, choose a gallery you want to put the photo in (or create a new gallery), and that’s it. That photo has now been saved in that gallery.

Creating new galleries

When you click the folder icon, you’ll be asked to choose a gallery you want to put the photo in. But you can also create a new one (in fact, you can create unlimited custom galleries) Just type in the name of your new gallery and press „Enter”. While creating a gallery - you can also specify if it should be a public or private gallery.

Creating new gallery on Tookapic.

Private galleries

You can make your gallery private. That means that it won’t be visible to anyone else. Photos in that gallery will remain public, but nobody will be able to access the gallery to see those photos in the same place at once. Your private galleries are marked with a tiny lock icon next to gallery’s name.

Private galleries on Tookapic.

Browsing & editing your galleries

All the galleries you’ve created are available under a tab in your Tookapic profile. That’s where you can edit the names, descriptions and privacy settings of your galleries. Edit your gallery by clicking a little cog icon in the upper right corner of gallery thumbnail.

Where to find your galleries on Tookapic.

Browsing & following others’ galleries

All galleries (including your public galleries) are available here. You can follow any gallery by clicking plus icon in the upper left corner of the gallery thumbnail.

Galleries page on Tookapic.

Any time owner of the gallery ads a new photo to it, that photo will pop up in your following feed, even if you don’t follow the photo author.

Ok, now that you’re familiar with the basics, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of Tookapic Galleries feature.

8 ideas to make the most of Tookapic Galleries

Below you’ll find 8 use cases for Tookapic Galleries, but that’s an open list. If you want to suggest your own use case, you can do it here.

Start a photo series

Sometimes you take an extraordinary photo. One that you’re really proud of. So you want to take another one like that. And you do. And that’s a start of a photo series.

Tookapic galleries are perfect for organizing photo series.

Galleries make it easy to keep your photo series in order, easily accessible and even easier to share.

The possibilities are endless, but if you don’t have any ideas right now, the next use case can also help you with that.

Collect photo ideas you’d like to „steal”

There are hundreds of great pictures posted on Tookapic every day. I’m sure some of them inspire you to try something new in photography. It’s an opportunity to get out of your photography comfort zone.

Create „Photos to take” gallery and collect images from other users. Photos you’d like to take one day.

It’s a great way to keep a list of ideas. You know, for the time when you’re completely drained of creativity.

Tookapic galleries used for inspiration.

Maybe you’re approaching your 365th photo and you’d like to finish your project with an awesome photo. Create „Great finishers” gallery, go to Finishers list and collect the ones you like the most. And then, when the time comes - steal those ideas.

Keep track of the places you visit

There’s a very little chance you’ll spend your entire year taking photos from home. And when you travel you almost always have your camera with you.

Use galleries to collect images you took in different parts of the world.

Use galleries to track your travels.

But even if you’re not a globetrotter, you can still use galleries to organize your 365 project by places you visit. Create galleries for photos taken at home, office, park, or your favorite restaurant.

It’ll be much easier to get back to those pictures later.

Collect your favorite photos

Whenever you give away a golden star to a photo, that photo lands in your Favorites section on Tookapic. But you can’t give golden stars to your own photos. So how do you keep your own favourite photos?

You guessed it. With a separate gallery.

Create „My favorite photos” gallery (and make it private if you want) and put your exceptionally good photos of yours in it.

Save your bad photos

Here’s a fact: you will not be able to deliver amazing photos every day for 365 days straight. And that’s ok.

Sometimes you’d be taking photos just to keep your streak up. And that’s ok as well. That’s what 365 project is about. It’s not about the quality. It’s about consistency. It’s the consistency that breeds quality.

You will take some bad photos during your journey. And you will have to publish them. That’s where „Streak pics” gallery comes in.

Collect your bad photos in one place. It’ll remind you that there’s actually not that many of them.

I called my gallery Painful streak pics because it sometimes hurts to publish a really bad photo. But it always makes me smile when I browse that gallery.

Track progress in any part of your life

365 project is a gateway to other resolutions in your life. Once you feel comfortable with taking photos every day, no matter what, you’ll feel confident about taking up other challenges.

Maybe you want to lose weight or read more books, or learn to cook?

I created Reading now gallery where I collect photos of the books I’m currently reading along with a short review.

Examples of photo galleries used to track progress.

I also have Project backyard gallery. That’s where I put photos of our garden. I love browsing those photos sorted from the oldest first to see how much it changed and how much progress me and my wife made. We went from a pile of dirt to a beautiful green lawn.

Create a gallery for important people in your life

You will probably be taking many portraits during your 365 project. Photos of your spouse, partner, children, friends and collegues.

Create a gallery for each important person in your life (remember, it can be a private gallery so only you can see all the images in one place) and see how they changed during just one year.

Tookapic Galleries is a perfect way to track your kids growin up.

I have a gallery called „Project kids” (it's a private gallery, so I can't show it to you) where I collect all the images of my children I took during my 6-year journey. It’s an amazing memoir with photos from the day each of my son was born up until today.

Collect images you’d like to print in the future

There’s something magical about printed photos. It’s a completely different experience to be able to touch the image you took. Choosing photos to print can take a lot of time.

Not with Tookapic Galleries though. In our prints editor you can quickly select images from a particular gallery. You can select any gallery you’ve created in the past and order prints in a matter of minutes.

Selecting photos to print directly from a gallery.

Or you can create a private gallery called „To Print” and put any image you’d like to once get printed in it. Then once you have enough, you can just go to Print editor and select that gallery.

This saves a lot of time.

Photo prints are also a great gift. If you have kids you can create a private gallery „Kids pics for grandma”. Collect your child’s photos in it and you’ll be able to quickly print those out. Grandma will be delighted to get a gift like that.

That’s it. Now you know everything I know about Tookapic Galleries. I hope this inspired you to create at least a couple of new photo buckets for your 365 project.

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