365 project is a serious challenge. You’ll need to deal with creative blocks, because there’s no doubt it’ll get you sooner or later. Here are five ways of dealing with it like a pro. This is probably part one of the dealing with creative block series.

Do not stop taking photos

First of all, don’t give up. I know you’ll probably think: “To hell with that, I don’t need this stupid project anyway.” at some point of your journey, but the important thing is to keep going.

Some of my best photos were taken during the creative block. Once you feel you’re completely burned out, you’ll try to find anything (and I mean ANYTHING) to take a pic of. The results might be quite surprising. Somehow you managed to shoot an outstanding photo of a coffee mug. Or capture unique moment you didn’t even think of capturing.

Take a walk

Get out of the house. Leave work early. Take a walk. Go to the park. Take a bike ride. Visit a place in your town you haven’t visited before. Those little trips outside your usual surroundings are very inspiring.

Browse your local news website and find an interesting event near you. A concert, grand opening of new restaurant, movie premiere, a marathon? Pack your camera and go for it. You’d be surprised how many photo opportunities you’ll find.

Turn the lights off

We, photographers, all love light, don’t we? The more the better. Why not turn the lights off for a change. Try to shoot in a low light environment. Take your camera out at night. Bring your tripod. Try long exposure shots.

Shoot a low light portrait. Try light painting. Or maybe night landscape photography? Go downtown and take bokeh filled photos of city lights. Different lighting conditions will ignite your creativity.

Get inspired. Copy!

Browse our all time favourite photos on tookapic and choose one or two pics that you really, really like. And than, try to copy it. There is nothing wrong with trying to copy photographers better than yourself.

Most of them will probably be flattered once you mention them in your photo description. Add something like “Inspired by …” and there’s a good chance you’ll even get a piece of advice in the comments.

Do not stop taking photos

Uhm… yeah, I just wanted you to know that this is really important. Once you stop for just one day, the whole challenge is over. A 365 project with the photo number 237 missing is not a 365 project, is it?

Even if you only manage to take a half-shitty picture, do it. It’s impossible to take amazing shots every day for a year. And remember, we all have those creative blocks. The crisis comes and goes every once in a while. The important thing is to keep going.

F*** the creative block!

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