There are many rules you should follow while running your 365 project. You should, but you don’t have to. But there is one that is absolutely necessary. You don’t follow this rule and your 365 project is pretty much over.

And the rule is… Take photos every single day. Simple, right? Obvious? Maybe. You could think that nothing bad would happen if you miss a day. But 365 project with the 276th day missing is not a 365 project.

What if you make up for that missed day tomorrow? Or publish 3 pics the day after? It is cheating. And what’s even worse it’s lying to yourself. Think about it. You get to the 365th day. You should be proud. But there’s this thought in the back of your head. You know you cheated. And it hurts.

You can put off retouching the photo. You can put off publishing it. But you need to take a photo every day. It is a lot of work. It requires some commitments, but it is definitely worth it.

Now that you know that...

How about trying a 365 project for yourself. Improve your photography, boost your creativity and develop self discipline. All that with a simple photography challenge.
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