Ok, so you’ve accepted the challenge. You’re going to do the 365 project. You’ll be taking photos every day. But you must be warned.

This project changes people. And those changes are irreversible. You’ll notice first symptoms after about two weeks. Here are the 7 signs that you might be addicted to photography.

1. Your camera is now part of your body

You can leave the house without pants, your wallet, glasses or car keys. But you never, ever forgot your camera. Actually, you stopped using one of your hands. Holding a camera, is all it does now.

This is your how your hand looks now.

2. You see photo opportunities. Everywhere.

You’re standing in a queue in your favourite coffee place. You look around and what do you see?. There are no people around, just portrait opportunities. There are no couples in love, just possible wedding photography gig. And pretty much everything has #foodporn and #nofilter hashtags on it.

Photo by Kateli

3. You now have a ‘photography gear’ budget

You started to realize that without a fixed budget you might just go bankrupt spending all your money on new lenses, reflectors, light stands and bags. The problem is, no matter how big the budget is – it’s always too low.

Lenses! Moar lenses!

4. ‘Lovely weather’ now means ‘good light’

Going to the beach with some friends. The sun, the sea and the heat pouring down from the sky. The weather is perfect. Except it’s not. The light is so harsh and sharp. There’s no chance for a decent wide open aperture pic without ND filter. Real shame you left it at home.

Photo by Lauren Huston

5. You feel sick until you take a pic

But not just any pic. It has to be a good photo. You won’t be satisified with just another selfie. It has to be a piece of art. One that will amaze the photography communities around the web. It has to be the best photo you’ve ever taken. Otherwise – you’ll feel sick.

Why not taking a photo of your pills. Great remedy for creative block. Photo by makebate.

6. All of your friends have modeling experience

Not because they do modeling for a living, but because every time you meet it ends up being a photo shoot. Your friends have so many pictures of them, they could probably found a modeling agency. And you constantly looking for new friends, because you need new faces to photograph.

This is how your friends see you. They probably don’t even remember your face anymore. Photo by Pawel Kadysz.

7. There is no known photo of you

You’ve stopped asking people to take a pic of you. No one cares about the rule of thirds. The photo would probably be over- or underexposed anyway. They’ll probably focus on the background instead of your face of which half will be out of the frame. Mirror selfies is all you’ve got left.

Mirror selfies is all you’ve got left. Photo by Pawel Kadysz.

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