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25 beautiful photos of adorable cats

More than 70 entries in the last week’s theme. A beautiful gallery of cats. Young and old ones. Calm and playful.

As always, 20 randomly chosen pics can be found below. For full theme gallery visit this page. And don’t forget to post a photo in this week’s theme: Water.

Habbi by tif
The Black Cat by Kevin Drum
1568 by Jakub Purej qbanez
I found a park with cats by Claudiu Sergiu Danaila


again... by mfr
Thinking by Bartłomiej Jacak
CAAT WEEEEK! by Kevin Drum
During studio lighting practice #3 by Satoshi T
Park cat portrait by Claudiu Sergiu Danaila
Croquette by Ian Prince
Reflections by Bartłomiej Jacak
Paws by Kasia SERBIN
Second Floor Daredevil by Bridget Braun
Cat 2. by Kyle Kokotajlo
No paparazzi today by Magdalena Gonciarz
Cat 3. by Kyle Kokotajlo
Clyde by Benjamin Wagoner
Kitten by ark

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