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21 photos taken from the overhead perspective

Time to sum up last week's theme. We asked you to take photos from the overhead perspective. Around 200 entries were posted.

It was quite a challenge to pick 20 photos that actually did fit the theme. Some of the entries weren't even close. We need to think of some kind of approval system for the weekly theme entries to avoid unrelated pics in the future.

Anyway, here's 21 photos that fit the overhead theme perfectly. The rest, along with those that weren't taken from the overhead but still were posted with the theme tag, can be viewed here.

fruits by agnieszka bladzik
Moving forward....slowly by Ian Prince
Hello by Ewa Kudlaty
Ironing by Magda Ko
Paint me! by Natalia Balanina
Soft & Spiky by Bridget Braun
sewing by Grace
Working by Robert Mordarski
lazy sunday #2 by agnieszka bladzik
Playing Le Lynx... by Lucjan Lubaszka


Night time read. by Chris
healthy food #2 by agnieszka bladzik
216/365 by marcin
Luma Painter by Eugene Alexeev


Overhead canoe by Alex Lepoutre
215/365 by marcin
green tea by agnieszka bladzik
Maria Callas by Magda Ko
TookAPic everyone! by Satoshi T

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another weekly theme.

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