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Meet Nick – a perfect example that you can still get to 100 day streak even after breaking it somewhere in the middle.

We asked Nick about his project, his camera and his favourite photo. Here’s what he told us. Enjoy!

Why did you start your 365 project?

At the beginning of this year I wanted to follow through with a resolution. Taking pictures everyday sounded like a great idea since I wanted to improve my photography. I’ve always been interested in photography, but never had the motivation to take pictures consistently and develop my photography skills. A 365 project was a great way to ignite that motivation and give it purpose.

Sunset moon by Nick Graham

What camera you use and why?

I use the Sony A6000. The most important consideration when I was choosing cameras was size. When I was looking at used DSLRs from selling forums, too often I would read “too much to carry around” or “collecting dust.” I knew DSLRs are big and bulky – 5 years ago I bought a vintage Canon A1 SLR with a bunch of nice prime lenses off eBay.

It collected dust and I resold it to someone else because it was just too cumbersome. The a6000 is a damn small, lightweight camera that takes amazing photos, which makes it fun to use. Pretty sure the body of this thing is smaller than my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot from the early 2000s.

City Street by Nick Graham

What was the biggest challenge within those 100 days?

The biggest challenge is having enough energy at the end of a day to upload a photo. I have a 5 month old son who saps a lot of my energy, so finding enough time before bed to import my photos from the day to Lightroom, choose the best photo (which is arguable the hardest part), do some quick edits, then upload to the site is difficult.

Also finding inspiration after the first two weeks or so was hard. I had never taken pictures everyday and it felt like I was doing homework. Now, it’s become a routine in my day.

Sunleaf by Nick Graham

How did you feel while uploading your 100th photo?

I’m probably one of the few who will respond to this with a broken streak. Unfortunately, my 100th wasn’t as momentous as I would have hoped. I had taken about 400 pictures on my true 100th picture day, so I was understandably very tired and chose a not-so-great picture to upload.

I say “true” because I broke my streak way back on my 13th picture by switching to my real timezone (+16 hours from PST) before uploading the previous day’s photo first.

Night view by Nick Graham

My 100th photo for my streak wasn’t as popular / well-seen as I would have hoped, and I guess nobody noticed my profile that day. A little sad, but I’m not doing this for others–I’m doing it for myself, and I’m proud of my project thus far.

What has changed in your photography within these 100 days?

I think I’ve improved on my composition of shots a lot more. When I started out, I would just stay in one spot with my kit lens and get something in focus and take the picture. After I sold my kit lens and got a few primes (19mm, 35mm, and 60mm), I’m now more aware of my surroundings and know when to move forward, backward, to the side, etc.

Korean Mackerel by Nick Graham

I’ve also developed a better understanding of what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO I should use in a given situation to achieve optimal exposure and the effect I’m going for.

What do you want to achieve by completing 365 project?

I have a couple goals. One is to develop a style that I can truly call mine. So far, I’ve been kind of mimicking what other people do more or less. I want to move away from the crowd and separate myself. Secondly, and more ambitiously, I would like to be able to strip myself of the “beginner” or “amateur” title and move on to “semi-pro.”

이지연 by Nick Graham

I’ve recently bought my first domain ever and started a portfolio on my smugmug website to showcase some of my work. It’s small and mostly pictures of my wife and son, but I’m slowly working my way to photographing for others. Recently, I photographed an apartment for a fellow expat I met online in my area.

In a couple weeks, I’m going to shoot some engagement photos for a couple who live near me. After that, I’m going to assist in photographing a wedding for a family friend. So far this year I’ve taken over 7,000 photos and know I can only improve from taking more.

Fog City by Nick Graham

Which photo do you like most?

My favorite picture has to be Pacific Rim, taken back in February. At first I felt modest about it and didn’t know if it was good or not, but after you commented that it was “spectacular” it gave me the assurance I needed to know I nailed it. And then it was featured. I’m very proud of this picture.

Pacific rim by Nick Graham

Do you have any advice for our new users?

My advice is to take your pictures earlier in the day, unless you are confident with your night photography. Don’t wait until the last minute because it’s so easy to get lazy and potentially mess up your streak. Also, go outside, walk around, and have fun. Like with most things in life, if you aren’t enjoying yourself while doing it, then you’re probably going about it in the wrong way.

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