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100 days on tookapic - Marcin Chęciński

Meet Marcin. He started his project on tookapic in mid December last year and hasn’t missed a day since.

At start he wanted to take macro photos. Eventually ended taking and publishing all kinds of pics. We asked Marcin few questions about his project and his camera. Enjoy!

Why did you decide to take part in 365 challenge?

A friend of mine sent me a link to tookapic saying this site helps to develop a habit of daily photo taking. I must admit, this is really addictive. My main goal was to publish my photos somewhere, which I don’t usually do. Practice makes better. I hoped for my photos to get better with time.

Grass with frost by Marcin Chęciński

What camera you use and why?

I use Canon 500D. I bought it at the very beginning of my photography journey. I didn’t know if I get hooked on, but I did. I will probably buy something better in the future.

#31 by Marcin Chęciński

What was the biggest challenge within those 100 days?

Taking pictures. At the beginning it’s hard to switch. It’s hard to take pictures every day. At some point it even got obtrusive but I got used to it. Now I take pics without even thinking.

Guitar by Marcin Chęciński

How did you feel while uploading your 100th photo?

To be honest, I missed the fact that it was the 100th one. One of the users reminded me about that by congratulating. I was actually surprised how fast that 100 days passed.

Green by Marcin Chęciński

What has changed in your photography within these 100 days?

I got to know my camera. I now know what it’s capable of and what I can do with it. I know if the photo will be good before pressing the shutter button. I also learned to experiment with photos. Before I go on a shoot I know exactly what I need to bring with me.

Vintage camera by Marcin Chęciński

What do you want to achieve by completing 365 project?

I don’t have any big goals. I’d like to take better pictures. I must admit, when I started the project I was going for macro photography. But after few weeks I started to shoot all kinds of pics, not only macro. The project already tought me a lot.

Sunset by Marcin Chęciński

Which of your photos do you think is best?

Few days ago I wouldn’t have any trouble answering this question because I was 100% sure about one photo. But recently, for the first time in my life I managed to take pic of the fog in the middle of the day. This is probably my favourite so far.

Fog by Marcin Chęciński

Do you have any advice for our new users?

Don’t give up. Even the „streak pic” can tourn out to be the best photo you’ve ever taken.

Feeling inspired? Join Marcin and thousands of other users and start your 365 project. Sign up, grab your camera and start today.

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