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100 days on tookapic - Kevin Drum

Meet Kevin. He started his 365 project on January 1st, 2015 and… you guessed it – haven’t missed a day since.

He passed the 100 photos in 100 days milestone in April. We asked him about his project, his camera and if he has any advice for all you newcomers. Here’s what he said.

Why did you decide to take part in 365 challenge?

I’ve been working with Photoshop and other design software for 15 years. I’ve worked on countless projects, both personal and professional, but I’ve almost always relied on someone else’s photographs for source material. Near the end of 2013, I purchased a DSLR so I could start taking my own photos.

Photo #100 by Kevin Drum

My best friend passed away suddenly in 2014, and he had been encouraging me to take more photos. By December, I had taken some photos that I liked, but I knew I could be better. I saw several online articles about 365 projects, and then I read about tookapic on reddit. It just seemed like a great challenge for the new year.

Color Run Dudes by Kevin Drum

What camera you use and why?

I started with a Nikon D3200 because it was extremely affordable and widely recommended as an entry-level DSLR. I also knew that I wanted something lightweight.

Kite Festival by Kevin Drum

I’ve recently switched to a Sony a7II. It has much better performance in low light and higher image quality overall. A huge selling point is that you can adapt almost any lens to it, so I have been able to build a diverse collection of vintage manual lenses at a fraction of the cost of modern lenses.

Tonight Again by Kevin Drum

What was the biggest challenge within those 100 days?

The biggest challenge for me is to not take the “lazy” shot every day. I don’t beat myself up if I have to taken another shot of my cat, but I do really want to push myself to learn to capture any type of shot in any environment.

Little River Dam at Night by Kevin Drum

How did you feel while uploading your 100th photo?

Honestly, I was ill with a sore throat, and I was a little disappointed that the sky wasn’t clear enough to capture the stars. However, there was also a feeling of triumph, as well as appreciation for everyone else in the tookapic community.

My Uncle by Kevin Drum

What has changed in your photography within these 100 days?

With my current system, I only manual focus, and I’ve gotten very quick at it. Some time ago, I took almost two thousand photos of a friend’s baby, and the “focusing muscles” in my forearm were sore at the end of the day.

Untitled by Kevin Drum

What do you want to achieve by completing 365 project?

I originally wanted to have pretty images that I could place into larger, composite projects, but nowadays I really appreciate the photographs themselves as whole works. Now I am less concerned with the completion of the 365 project than I am with how it is affecting my life every coming week. I’ve been getting out of the house more, paying more attention to my surroundings, and being more mindful.

Skate Showdown by Kevin Drum

Which photo do you like most?

Although there are others that were more technically challenging, the photo of my coworker John pushing a floor buffer is one that I will still like ten years from now. I have more photographs of this guy than anyone else because he is so expressive and goofy. John is a computer technician at work, but he also gets paid to clean the floors, which he loves.

Floor Action by Kevin Drum

Do you have any advice for our new users?

Buy used and refurbished gear (unless you really want the manufacturer’s warranty). Get an off-camera flash so you have more opportunities after sunset. If you get a good shot early in the day, don’t put away your camera and miss an opportunity for a better photo later. Bring your camera everywhere you can; your friends, family, and coworkers will get used to it eventually.

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