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100 days on tookapic: Jesse Lind

It’s been a while since we posted last interview. We’re back with the 100 days series. Here’s an interview with one of our most active users.

Meet Jesse. He started his project on January 2nd and never missed a day since then. He’s now around 230 days streak and keeps going. We asked him about the project and here’s what he told us.

Fern by Jesse Lind

Why did you start your 365 project?

The reason why I started is mainly because my brother and sister were doing it and I thought that I might as well see what it would be like! I have never really stuck to any hobbies for more than a month or two so I wanted to just try it out and I didn’t intend to continue with it for very long! But when I began, I got hooked and couldn’t stop taking pictures!

In the mirror by Jesse Lind

What camera you use and why?

I used (and still use) the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. This camera was handed down to me from my siblings so I didn’t have a choice other than that because I can’t afford a new one.

black-eyed susan by Jesse Lind

What was the biggest challenge within those 100 days?

The biggest challenge, I would have to say, was to take a picture every day and to find new ideas, but after I got through the days where I either couldn’t find a picture, or I didn’t want to get outside with my camera, those kinds of days made me stronger.

fly away by Jesse Lind

How did you feel while uploading your 100th photo?

I felt amazing as most people probably would after they took a picture every single day for 100 days!!! I think the best feeling was the sense of accomplishment not missing a single day!

Looking back by Jesse Lind

What has changed in your photography within these 100 days?

It definitely did change the way I took pictures using the Aperture, Exposure, and ISO. It also made me take pictures in different ways.

sunrise by Jesse Lind

What do you want to achieve by completing 365 project?

I just want to learn and grow in photography and eventually (I’m too young now) try and get a job in photography!

Which photo do you like most?

I’d have to say either this one or this one!

attack! by Jesse Lind

Do you have any advice for our new users?

Just keep on taking pictures every day! Never give up and you will grow so much better you literally will not believe it! Also if someone comment on your picture something negative or discouraging, use what they have to say and don’t let them bring you down!

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