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100 days on tookapic: Danny Vazquez

Meet Danny, graphic design student. Shooting awesome pics straight from Orange County, California.

Danny started his project on January 2nd, 2015. Never missed a day and currently is getting close to the halfway mark. We asked Danny about the project, his camera and his plans. And here’s what he said. Enjoy!

Why did you start your 365 project?

I started my 365 project to challenge myself. I wanted to see my progress throughout the year. To see if I developed a style, hoping to find patterns in what I like to shoot the most.

Cacti by Danny Vazquez

What camera you use and why?

I shoot with an Olympus E-PEN Mini 2. I picked up this camera because I get the portability of a small point and shoot, but with the option of getting more lenses to better fit my needs.

Long by Danny Vazquez

What was the biggest challenge within those 100 days?

The biggest challenge for myself was uploading on the same day I took the pictures. It wasn’t because I forgot to do so, but it’s because there are some days that are incredibly busy and difficult to fit everything that needs to be done within that time frame.

Reflect by Danny Vazquez

How did you feel while uploading your 100th photo?

I hadn’t realized I published my 100th picture until the Achievement popped up, plus Kevin Drum gave me the congrats in my comment. It sunk in afterword, I was extremely happy about it. I felt proud!

Glare by Danny Vazquez

What has changed in your photography within these 100 days?

Nothing has really changed with the way I use my camera in the first 100 days, though, I did put in more thought into composition before shooting in the first 100. I’d like to think I’m improving slowly, too slowly. Maybe at 200 days I’ll notice a bigger difference.

Bumpy by Danny Vazquez

What do you want to achieve by completing 365 project?

I want to tell myself, “You did this, feel proud, it’s a personal accomplishment.” It’s nice to keep a record of how you improve, instead of having a few pictures here and there throughout the year. Plus, I’d love to put them together and make a book out of them.

Broken by Danny Vazquez

Which photo do you like most?

They’re all my favorite, it’s difficult for me to narrow it down. Number 17 really stands out to me though. Reason being is because my life is so concentrated in a small area of town, that when I go out of that area, it’s amazing to me. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a good sunset.

The Homer Simpson by Danny Vazquez

Do you have any advice for our new users?

Just keep shooting, somehow, someway. No camera with you? Use your phone. Home all day? Find something small to use as a prop. Don’t just shoot, create.

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